Gamester - Pinkney Memorial Cup

In Honour of Two Outstanding Individuals in Building Youth Talent in Atlantic Canada

    Byron Gamester was a grassroots horseman involved for five decades as an owner, trainer, driver, and breeder. A strong supporter of youth involvement in our industry, Byron provided numerous young people with their initial opportunities to drive in the PEI Matinee Track Program.

   Phil Pinkney of Lower Onslow, N.S. was a successful horseman, racking up numerous trophies, including Canada’s Top Horseman, as well as over $2.3 million in career earnings as a driver and $1 million more as a trainer.

Meet The Teams

Eligibility: For pari-mutuel licensed drivers 30 years and younger with less than 100 lifetime wins as of May 31, 2022  

Raced at: Summerside Raceway, Truro Raceway , and Charlottetown Driving Park.

PEI Legs– Tuesday July 12, 2022, Red Shores at the Summerside Raceway, Summerside, P.E.I. 

NS Legs – Tuesday July 19, 2022, Truro Raceway, Bible Hill, N.S. 

Final – August 16th, 2022, Red Shores Racetrack and Casino at the Charlottetown Driving Park

Gamester - Pinkney Memorial Cup Driver Standings

Kyle Mason earned 24 points with a pair of second place finishes which won him the Byron Gamester Memorial Trophy for the top point earning driver.  Mason advances to the finals along with Taylor Doyle (21 points) and Zach Conway (20 points). The alternate is Jaycob Sweet (16 points). Damian MacLellan finished with 11 points and Brady Sweet finished with 6 points.

Phil Pinkney Memorial July 19th, 2022 At Truro Raceway

Ryder Rennison earned 21 points with a win in the first leg and a fourth place finish in the second leg which won him the Phil Pinkney Memorial Trophy for the top point earning driver. Rennison will advance to the final on August 16th in Charlottetown, and will joined by Brett LeBlanc (20 points) and Luke Armstrong (16 points). There was a tie for the alternate which saw Zach Mullins and Leander Beaton both earn 15 points (A tie breaker will be decided in the event an alternate is needed). Kyle Gillis finished the event with 11 points. 

NameLeg 1 July 12th, SRWLeg 2 July 12th, SRWLeg 3 July 19th, TruroLeg 4 July 19th, TruroTotal Points
Kyle Mason121224
Taylor Doyle61521
Zach Conway15520
Jaycob Sweet8816
Damian MacLellan5611
Brady Sweet336
Ryder Rennsion15621
Brett LeBlanc51520
Luke Armstrong8816
Leander Beaton31215
Zach Mullins12315
Kyle Gillis6511