The Prince Edward Island Harness Racing Industry Association (PEIHRIA)


The mission of the PEIHRIA is to establish and perpetuate the financial stability and future viability of the Harness Racing Industry on Prince Edward Island.


The vision of the PEIHRIA is to strongly contribute to the social, moral, and economic well being of Prince Edward Island through a comprehensive approach to all aspects of the Harness Racing Industry.

Objects and Purposes

— To bring together representatives of organizations within the harness racing industry on Prince Edward Island to advocate on behalf of the industry and to advance its interests and the welfare of the industry as a whole.

— To provide a forum for the exchange of information and informed opinion on all matters bearing on the conduct of the industry and its betterment, and to promote such common action as would secure its aims.

— To provide a structure for cooperating with similar organizations elsewhere for the betterment of the industry, with particular attention to the industry in Atlantic Canada, and to officially represent the industry in any Maritime or Atlantic industry alliance.

— To cooperate with and assist other organizations having authority in such matters in preparing an annual plan and schedule for racing events in the province, including among others the Atlantic Provinces Harness Racing Commission and Atlantic Lottery Corporation , and securing its adoption by other racing interests.

— To cooperate with racing officials and race track management, as required, in securing a classification system which reflects the interests of horseowners and patrons alike, and a purse structure which is consistent with performance levels required.

— To monitor practices and behaviour on the part of owners, trainers, drivers, grooms, and officials in order to ensure the best possible racing product for patrons at each track, and to advocate such enhancements as may be warranted in each situation.

— To ensure appropriate liaison with the Atlantic Provinces Harness Racing Commission in the latters exercise of its mandate and responsibilities in all matters for the betterment of the industry.

— To propose and encourage the implementation of such changes to the harness racing product and its presentation to the public as will enable the industry to attract and retain new patrons and supporters.

— To enter into any arrangement with any authority that may appear conducive to the objects of the Corporation or to obtain such rights or privileges which the Corporation may consider necessary to attain its objects.

— To do all such other things as are incidental to or conducive to the attainment of the above objects.


The PEIHRIA was formed in 1999 to provide a united approach to the industry and sport of harness racing on Prince Edward Island.
Its member organizations include :

— The PEI Standardbred Horseowners Association
— The Prince County Horsemens Club
— The Atlantic Standardbred Breeders Association
— The Maritime Breeders Association
— The PEI Colt Stakes Association – PEI Standardbred Breeders Association
— Red Shores Racetrack and Casino at Charlottetown Driving Park
— Red Shores Summerside Raceway

The above member organizations appoint members of their respective Boards to PEIHRIA, for such term as those organizations may see fit. Three Members At Large are elected by the above to comprise a ten member Board. Members At Large are appointed for a one year term , but may be reappointed. All Board members serve as volunteers.

The Board of Directors also has Ex Officio or Non Voting members which include the Province of Prince Edward Island, the Atlantic Provinces Harness Racing Commission and Standardbred Canada. The PEIHRIA Board usually meets monthly, with meetings held as required. Applicable Committee meetings are held as needed.