Finance Committee
Chair: Blaine MacPherson
Members:  Mike Currie, Peter Smith, Kent Oakes, Bruce Wood, and Julie Jamieson

Bylaws Committee
Chair: Blaine McPherson
Members: Mike Currie, Kent Oakes, James Perrot, and Julie Jamieson

Purse Pool Committee
Chair: Peter Smith
Members: Lee Drake, Kent Oakes, Gerard Smith, and Julie Jamieson

Stakes Committee
Chair: Earl Watts
Members: Blaine MacPherson, Peter Smith, Blair Campbell, Kent Oakes, Scott Roloson, Bruce Wood, Jamie Whalen, and Julie Jamieson.

Special Events
Chair: Mike Currie
Members: Kent Oakes,  Lee Drake, and Julie Jamieson

Atlantic Classic Sale Committee

Chair: Nick Oakes

Sale Manager: Julie Jamieson

Members:  Lynda Ramsay, Blaine Thibeau, Kent Oakes,  Bruce Wood, Janice Whalen, Myles Heffernan, and Alexis Gass.

Atlantic Provinces Harness Racing Development Committee
Chair: Blaine MacPherson
Members: Julie Jamieson, Kent Oakes, and Julie Jamieson

Ex Officio
Kent Oakes (PEI Department of Finance)

Jacinta Campbell (APHRC)

Lee Drake and Bruce Wood (Standardbred Canada)