Finance Committee
Chair: Blaine MacPherson
Members:  Mike Currie, Peter Smith, Kent Oakes, Bruce Wood, and Julie Jamieson

Bylaws Committee
Chair: Blaine McPherson
Members: Mike Currie, Kent Oakes, James Perrot, and Julie Jamieson

Purse Pool Committee
Chair: Blaine MacPherson
Members: Lee Drake, Kent Oakes, Gerard Smith, and Julie Jamieson

Stakes Committee
Chair: Earl Watts
Members: Blaine MacPherson, Peter Smith, Blair Campbell, Kent Oakes, Scott Roloson, Bruce Wood, Jamie Whalen, and Julie Jamieson.

Special Events
Chair: Mike Currie
Members: Kent Oakes,  Lee Drake, and Julie Jamieson

Atlantic Classic Sale Committee

Chair: Nick Oakes

Sale Manager: Julie Jamieson

Members:  Lynda Ramsay, Blaine Thibeau, Kent Oakes,  Bruce Wood, Janice Whalen, Myles Heffernan, Zach Conway, and Alexis Gass.

Atlantic Provinces Harness Racing Development Committee
Chair: Blaine MacPherson
Members: Julie Jamieson, Kent Oakes, and Julie Jamieson

Ex Officio
Kent Oakes (PEI Department of Finance)

Jacinta Campbell (APHRC)

 Bruce Wood (Standardbred Canada)

Julie Jamieson (Executive Director PEIHRIA)

Zach Conway (Administrative Assistant PEIHRIA)