2022 Matinee Challenge Series Race Dates

June 26th2:00pmPinette
July 6th6:30pmO’Leary
July 17th2:00pmKensington
July 23rd2:30pmPotato Blossom Festival
July 30th 2:00pmAlberton Exhibition
August 3rd6:30pmTyne Valley Oyster Festival
August 21st2:00pmPinette Kilted Pace
September 4th2:00pmPinette
September 14th6:30pmO’Leary
September 24thFinalsCharlottetown
September 26thFinalsSummerside

Matinee Racetracks of Prince Edward Island

Informal matinee racing is usually held in Pinette on Wednesday nights at 6:30. Check with the contact listed below for the track to confirm. If horse accommodation is required, please contact the track representative at the contact number below.


Drivers must keep a line in each hand with hands in the handholds for the entire race. No driver shall kick or hit a horse with his/her foot in any manner. Excessive use of a whip will be penalized by loss of points, travel allowance, coolers, all prizes and attendance in the winner’s circle. Repeat offenders will be denied entry in future matinee races. A line must be kept in each hand and the whip cannot be used below the shafts.

All horses for any Challenge Series race must use their proper race name (no nicknames).

All horses for any Challenge Series race MUST be entered by 6 p.m. TWO DAYS IN ADVANCE. Kensington entries must be in no later than Thursday.

Horses who participate in races on these dates will earn points towards finals at Summerside and Charlottetown Raceway. The top sixteen point earners will race in the finals (with 2 AE) for a cooler and the Championship trophy presented to the winner of one division on an annual rotating basis for each of four divisions.

To be eligible to race in the finals, a horse must have competed in at least three (3) of the above events, at a minimum of two (2) different tracks.

Drivers of horses in the Final must have participated in no more than five (5) pari-mutuel starts to be eligible.

Horsemen who travel over 50 km one-way will be eligible for a gas allowance. Horses must be competitive in order to receive payment. Horses not entered in time and or their proper registered name will not race and will not receive points or allowance.

Please contact the following, regarding conditions and entries:

Alberton -Philip DesRoche 902-856-0167
Kensington – Fred Paynter 902-886-2445
O’Leary – Clair Sweet: 902-859-2221 or Phillip DesRoche 902-856-0167
Pinette –Raymond White 902-969-7702 or Christopher MacRae 902-659-2632
Tyne Valley- Dale Spence 1-506-651-9671
Matinee Racetrack Development Project 902-393-0558 or 902-569-1682