2024 Atlantic Classic Sale Preview Book

2024 Atlantic Classic Yearling Sale Entries

P= Pacer  T= Trotter  C= Colt  G= Gelding  F= Filly  MB= Maritime Sired  ON= Ontario Sired  NY= New York Sired  PA= Pennsylvania Sired

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ConsignorHorse NameGaitSexJurisdictionSireDamTrack It Links
Alan and Juanita MacLeodZendayas FancypantsPFMBSomewhere FancyNobodys ShadowClick Here
Alan and Juanita MacLeodZendayas MoonshinePCMBBet The MoonSunset CityClick Here
Blaine ThibeauLouie The LipPCMBSomewhere FancySapere HanoverClick Here
Blaine ThibeauCamluck LadyPFMBTobago CaysTymal XtraClick Here
Blaine ThibeauLadys RosePFMBSomewhere FancyGiannas IdealClick Here
Blaine ThibeauSeven of DiamondsPCMBSomewhere FancyDream All NightClick Here
Blair CampbellCamco LoganPCMBFlameproof HanoverShadows WonderClick Here
Blair CampbellCamco KarriePFMBSomewhere FancyMajor Temper TantrumClick Here
Blair CampbellCamco HaleyPFMBBlood MoneyCamco TerraClick Here
Brendan CurranOlivers SweetiePFMBSomewhere FancyThe MugginsClick Here
Brian MacLeodFern Hill KatiePFMBSomewhere FancyTalbot VictoriaClick Here
Brian MacPheeShes Got SpunkTFMBLegion of HonorWindemere AllyClick Here
Charlotte RanchMo MoneyPCMBBlood MoneyAmeritimeClick Here
Charlotte RanchBloody FortunePFMBBlood MoneyCountry MoonshineClick Here
Charlotte RanchGoing For BloodPFMBBlood MoneyRolling Going GoneClick Here
Charlotte RanchTizianoPCMBBlood MoneyKeystone TreasureClick Here
Charlotte RanchMoney DuePFMBBlood MoneyDew It AgainClick Here
Courtney MacLean Agent for Donna MacLeanZero two sixtyPGMBTobago CaysJJ MistressClick Here
Debbie RamsayGalway BayPCMBSomewhere FancyFrenzieClick Here
Dusty Lane FarmsDusty Lane MargoTFMBEL RocketMuscle MannequinClick Here
Dusty Lane Farms Agent for Alexis GassBlondies BoyPCMBSomewhere FancyDusty Lane ZambuccaClick Here
Dusty Lane Farms Agent for Nikway FarmsNikway Rocks ItTCMBEL RocketLala HanoverClick Here
Dusty Lane Farms Agent for Nikway FarmsNikway TitanTCMBEL Rocket Kidman HallClick Here
Dusty Lane Farms Agent for Ron MacDonaldSputnikTCMBEL RocketCharming OaksClick Here
Eldon MundleMundles TreasurePCMBMaliciousMall Shook UpClick Here
Eldred NicholsonMr MatthewsPCMBSomewhere FancyChocolate ArtClick Here
Eldred NicholsonMrs GallantPFMBSomewhere FancyChorale HanoverClick Here
Eldred NicholsonRose Knows MoneyPFMBBlood MoneyRose KnowsClick Here
Elm Grove FarmsElm Grove UnfazedPGMBMaliciousQuick DecisionClick Here
Elm Grove FarmsElm Grove UnrealPGMBMaliciousVictory CryClick Here
Elm Grove FarmsElm Grove UniquePGMBStonebridge TerrorBad SilverClick Here
Elm Grove FarmsElm Grove UntamedPGMBBlood MoneyRocklynClick Here
Elm Grove FarmsElm Grove UncanniePFMBMaliciousJens CreditClick Here
Elm Grove Farms Agent for Kevin HarveyCovered In PurplePFMBStonebridge Terror Real GirlieClick Here
Erin McCardleLila BerryPFMBArthur Blue ChipNext Life HanoverClick Here
Esther CampbellHoponarocketTCMBEL RocketHop UPClick Here
Faith Gavin Proven HoudiniPCMBProven LoverMachleenClick Here
Faith Gavin Laines Lover BoyPCMBProven LoverChatelaineClick Here
Faith Gavin Agent for Leigh GavinBeach JewelsPFMBArthur Blue ChipPreaknessClick Here
Faith Gavin Agent for Leigh GavinShadow RomanPCMBSilverhill ShadowLido MagicClick Here
Fay WebsterFallonPFMBSomewhere FancyAll LaceClick Here
Gary MacPhersonNa Naa FancyPCMBSomewhere FancyNa Naa Said SoClick Here
Gary MacPhersonSmall But MightyPFMBPang ShuiDahlia LilyClick Here
Howmac FarmsHowmac KadePGMBBlood MoneyAtomic SmileClick Here
Howmac FarmsHowmac DestinyPFMBSource of PrideRed Hot HillClick Here
Howmac FarmsHowmac Bobby JoePFMBSource of PrideGeneral Lucky PercyClick Here
Howmac FarmsHowmac RocketteTFMBEL RocketGlidetowinClick Here
Howmac FarmsHowmac FancyPFMBSomewhere FancyClare Hall HanoverClick Here
Howmac FarmsHowmac DixiePFMBSource of PrideJackie and Doreen Click Here
Howmac FarmsHowmac Prime timeTGMBEL RocketCheeky Little MinxClick Here
Jamie WhalenShui Two BPCMBPang ShuiBerazzledClick Here
Jamie WhalenCheck The MoonPCMBBet The MoonInternal CheckClick Here
Jeff HennigarChoose MePCMBSomewhere FancyKarans ChoiceClick Here
Jeff HennigarOh PositivePCMBBlood MoneySestinaClick Here
Jeff HennigarEH PositivePCMBBlood MoneyA and Gs CreekClick Here
Jeffrey Taylor & Don TaylorAny Sign Of HarryPGMBRollwithitharrySendmeasignClick Here
Dusty Lane Farms Agent for Joe MacDonaldHurricane FionaPFMBMaliciousHurricane HillClick Here
Jordan MacKayYes Your HonorTGMBLegion of HonorMeadowview JuneyClick Here
Ken GrahamCountyline JimTCMBEL RocketFiestaClick Here
Ken SmithStaff PartyPFMBTobago CaysPownal Bay TiaClick Here
Ken SmithBlazing CaysPCMBTobago CaysJenna GraceClick Here
Kyle and Joseph GardinerSaltwater SniperPCMBBet The MoonShadow DancerClick Here
Kyle and Joseph GardinerSaltwater CaptainPCMBBet The MoonWoodmere DreamsClick Here
Lynda RamsayIslebebadtothebonePGMBTobago CaysMowet Blue ChipClick Here
Lynda RamsayIsle Walk The LinePGMBMaliciousWild DreamClick Here
Michael ClareyBakers DozenPFMBBet The MoonJasper AvenueClick Here
Michael ClareyEagles ClawPCMBBet The MoonWesternClick Here
Michael MacDonaldMysterious WaysPFMBBlood MoneyMistreosClick Here
Paul ConwayUptown TonightPFMBTobago CaysJJ MacieClick Here
Paul ConwayHighly ToxicPFMBPang ShuiToxic TerrorClick Here
Redland FarmRedland RaynePFMBFlameproof HanoverBettor Say YesClick Here
Redland FarmRedland PreciousPFMBSomewhere FancyIsthatyouardellaClick Here
Redland FarmRedland EarlTCMBEL RocketThe NunClick Here
Redland FarmRedland WilliePCMBBet The MoonWaysideClick Here
Robin BurkeTobins NibblerPCMBShanghai PhilAll ChocolateClick Here
Robin BurkeBig RigTCMBEL RocketGinger GlideClick Here
Robin BurkeSomewhere RaceyPCMBSomewhere FancyRacey MissClick Here
Robin BurkeDonchezPCMBShanghai PhilHazelClick Here
Robin BurkeFabulously FancyPFMBSomewhere FancyUndine HanoverClick Here
Saulsbrook StableSaulsbrook FancyPFMBSomewhere FancyLine In The SandClick Here
Saulsbrook StableSaulsbrook DesiPFMBSomewhere FancySouthwind OasisClick Here
Stephen JohnstonIsle Mach Da MoneyPFMBTobago CaysMach The CutClick Here
Terra BairdRollwiththewardenPCMBRollwithitharryWarden WoodieClick Here
Terra BairdBet On EvilPCMBBet The MoonEvil FightClick Here
Timberlea FarmsTimberlea VictoriaPFMBMalicious Duchess KilleanClick Here
Tulach ArdThe Gambling ManPCMBMaliciousDaisy GambleClick Here
Tulach ArdFancymeetinyouherePFMBSomewhere FancyMiss KokomoeClick Here
Tulach ArdSoul FuryPFMBForce N FuryMystic EyesClick Here
Valley Grove FarmsPort Hill PollyPFMBTobago CaysWoodmere ChellaClick Here
Wade PeconiThe Sun And MoonPCMBBet The Moon ForevermysunshineClick Here
Wade PeconiGo Like A RocketTCMBEL RocketPaymenowpaymelaterClick Here
Wade PeconiDo or DiPCMBBlood MoneyPrivate DiClick Here
Wade PeconiCall of HonorTCMBLegion of HonorRichdaydreamsClick Here
Wendell WilliamsTobins Cover GirlPFMBBet The MoonElm Grove FutureClick Here
Wendell WilliamsTobins AffairPFMBShanghai PhilSports AffairClick Here
Wendell WilliamsTobins April FoolPCMBShanghai PhilRock Solid VirtueClick Here
Wendell WilliamsTobins GemPCMBFlameproof HanoverGrace SeelsterClick Here
Wendell WilliamsTobins Snap DaddyPCMBSomewhere FancySouthwind IonClick Here
William RolosonOceanview LouPGMBBlood MoneyDreamfair EclipseClick Here
William RolosonOceanview FancyPFMBSomewhere FancySouthview SallyClick Here
William RolosonOceanviewraindropsTFMBEL Rocket Rainbow ValleyClick Here
William RolosonOceanview ElsaTFMBEL RocketKing Kong KateClick Here
William White Just For ShowPFMBBet The MoonFemale FinesseClick Here
Windemere FarmsWindemere BarkleyPCMBSomewhere FancyWindemere NancyClick Here
Windemere FarmsWindemere BrittPCMBSomewhere FancyHart Of WindemereClick Here
Windemere Farms and Windemere Farms Agent for Jordan MacKayBranded ManPCMBMaliciousWoodmere OleksiakClick Here
Windemere Farms and Windemere Farms Agent for River Valley ManagementCouldhavebeenaladyPFMBMaliciousLady LakeshoreClick Here
Windemere Farms and Windemere Farms Agent for River Valley ManagementRegret NothingPCMBMaliciousTroxel HanoverClick Here
Windemere Farms and Windemere Farms Agent for River Valley ManagementDen of ThievesPCMBMaliciousDeliver MeClick Here
Windemere Farms and Windemere Farms Agent for Robert DinozziWindemere DinozziPFMBMaliciousMarced For TerrorClick Here
Woodmere FarmsWoodmere CheetahPFMBSomewhere FancyCougar GalClick Here
Woodmere FarmsWoodmere GigiPFMBBlood MoneySounds PerfectClick Here
Woodmere FarmsWoodmere SummerPFMBBet The MoonNorthern FiestaClick Here
Woodmere FarmsWoodmere Coco GPFMBBet The MoonPersistentClick Here
Woodmere FarmsWoodmere RebelPFMBSomewhere FancyWild Ride HanoverClick Here
Woodmere FarmsWoodmere Bet U DoPGMBBet The MoonMuch AdooClick Here
Woodmere FarmsWoodmere NovakPGMBBet The Moon Collective WisdomClick Here
Woodmere FarmsWoodmere KobePGMBTobago CaysPrincess RustyClick Here
Woodmere FarmsWoodmere LeBronPGMBTobago CaysSkylark HanoverClick Here
Woodmere FarmsWoodmere BedardPGMBBet The MoonSinspirationalClick Here
Woodmere FarmsWoodmere StylesPGMBRollwithitharryMusette MindaleClick Here
Woodmere FarmsWoodmere JaxonPGMBRollwithitharryAnnabethClick Here
Woodmere FarmsWoodmere MahomesPGMBTobago CaysSpiffy MissClick Here
Woodmere FarmsWoodmere BulletPGMBMaliciousRed Star AshleeClick Here
Saulsbrook StableSaulsbrook RoloPFNYRoll With JoeSaulsbrook AlanaClick Here
Timberlea FarmsTimberlea SpeedoPCNYRoll With JoeString BikiniClick Here
Alan and Juanita MacLeodZendayascattletalePCONCattlewashBolero TalliaClick Here
Alan and Juanita MacLeodZendayas BettorbuyPFONBettors DelightHotlistClick Here
Alan and Juanita MacLeodZendayaskrackrjackPCONSunshine BeachHeavens ChallengeClick Here
Alan and Juanita MacLeodZendayasmonstrmashPCONSunshine BeachFade To BlackClick Here
Andrew BustardMy Home TownPFONSunshine BeachCity Girl HanoverClick Here
Andrew Bustard Agent for Clark BustardMclovinPGONMcWickedWell ShadedClick Here
Andrew Bustard Agent for Clark BustardCrowd ControlPGONControl The MomentUnspoken PromisesClick Here
Blaine ThibeauPlayin Dirty TrixsTCONTrixtonCamco LexieClick Here
Charlotte RanchKapuenoPCONBetterthancheddarKellys KeepsakeClick Here
Jeff HennigarStaggerettePFONStag PartyDone Foolin WitchaClick Here
Robin BurkeNo Woman No CryPFONArtspeakPink Is PerfectClick Here
Saulsbrook StableSaulsbrook VillainPCONMcWickedHeroine HanoverClick Here
Saulsbrook StableSaulsbrook BeastPCONMcWicked Joca HanoverClick Here
Stephen JohnstonIsle B BulldogbethPFONBulldog HanoverSaint AlbrayClick Here
Terra BairdMaid To PlayPFONShadow PlayRita MaidClick Here
Terra BairdAll Bets On LeighPFONAll Bets OffOh Pretty LeighClick Here
Timberlea Farms Agent for Nick MalcolmBayonettaPFONCattlewashWhite SatinClick Here
William RolosonOceanview BanjoTFONWheelin N DealinTyne ValleyClick Here
Elm Grove FarmsElm Grove UnderdogPGONMcWickedMary ReadClick Here
Redland FarmRedland OutlawPCONMcWickedElla ChristinaClick Here
Saulsbrook StableSaulsbrook TrixieTFONTrixtonUderscore HanoverClick Here
Timberlea FarmsBashoPFPACaptain CrunchPJS LegacyClick Here
Timberlea FarmsGangitanoTCPACaptain Corey CornerstoneClick Here
Woodmere FarmsWoodmere RobiPCPAPapi Rob HanoverIncredible BeautyClick Here